Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable to all functions held at Fraaigelegen and are binding on the person making the booking (The Host) upon confirmation of the reservation by payment of the specified deposit. A booking at Fraaigelegen is only valid if supported by both the signed contract and the payment of the specified deposit, unless by prior arrangement with Fraaigelegen. The personal information supplied is mandatory and if applicable authorized or required by the following Acts: Protection of Personal Information Act

The responsible party may use the personal information collected from the data subject for purpose of direct marketing of other services/ goods responsible from the party. Please indicate “NO” if you would like to opt out of this option. Contact details of Chapatti Trading 87 CC t/a Fraaigelegen: Telephone Numbers: 0827878166; Address: R301, Fraaigelegen Farm, Paarl Information Officer: Mr Louis Matthys Oosthuizen

  1. Function bookings can be made no less than 48 hours before the event and not more than 3 months prior to the event.
  2. A 50% Deposit is required to confirm a booking with the return of this signed document. The lack of deposit or booking form will result in a non-confirmed booking.
  3. Final payment for the booking must be available in our account 24 hours prior to the event.
  4. Event Duration is strictly limited to 4 hours which includes the Ceremony, Photos and Reception, BUT excludes the 2 hours usage of the bridal dressing room, prior to the start of the ceremony.
  5. No private alcohol is allowed on the premises.
  6. Local Authority imposed lockdown regulations must be adhered to at all times.  Failure to comply with these regulations will result in the immediate suspension of the event without any refund or compensation.
  7. Guest list increases may be done up to 48 hours of the event in line with lockdown regulations.
  8. In the event of lockdown regulations being increased, resulting in the cancelation of the wedding date, the client will receive a voucher to the value of funds paid to Fraaigelegen to date,  which can be redeemed within 12 months of the event date – subject to venue availability.
  9. Fraaigelegen or any of its employees may not be held liable in the event of damage to the building or cancellation of an event due to an unforeseen act of God.  Fraaigelegen endeavors to avoid any such situation within its ability.
  10. The client indemnifies Fraaigelegen from any claims that may arise due to weather or other external factors that may influence the event as planned.
  11. Right of admission is reserved and the management has the right to remove any unwanted guests at any given time.
  12. The client (Undersigned) will be held responsible for any damage to the property of Fraaigelegen or respective vendors caused by the client or his/her guests.
  13. Fraaigelegen does not take any responsibility for any of the Guest’s or Host’s belongings (including gifts) or for any injury, damage or loss suffered by any persons, and the host accordingly indemnifies Fraaigelegen against any and all claims arising out of the loss or damage to any such belongings or any injuries suffered, where such loss or damages or injury are beyond the reasonable control of management.
  14. Should any such incident occur during the occupation of the venue, it is the responsibility of the host to ensure that management is informed and that an incident report is completed.
  15. In the event that the client or his/her guests bring any wine, spirits, malts or any other drinks onto the premises without prior arrangement with the management, management reserves the right to confiscate any such items, as well as invoice the client for the trade value of the items as charged by our own bar facilities.  In the event where the client supplies his/her own wines and champagne, a maximum of 5 bottles per table opened is allowed without a corkage charge, thereafter the client will be billed R 40.00 per bottle opened.
  16. It remains the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that no persons under the age of 18 may enter the bar area, nor consume any alcoholic beverages.  The client also indemnifies Fraaigelegen from any claims that might arise due to consumption of alcohol by minors.
  17. The client indemnifies Fraaigelegen from any claims arising from the consumption of alcohol and the effects it might have on the client, whether on the Fraaigelegen premises or away from the premises.
  18. Bound by Law – No alcohol may be sold or CONSUMED on Fraaigelegen premises between 02:00 and 11:00am.
  19. All major credit and Debit cards are excepted.  The undersigned client remains responsible for any accounts not settled by guests at the end of the event.
  20. It is the clients responsibility to inform Fraaigelegen of any special dietary requirements of the guests.  Alternative catering for Halaal guests can be arranged by Fraaigelegen at an additional cost.
  21. Children attending the event must at all times have an adult childminder present.  Fraaigelegen reserves the right to insist on the departure of parents with unruly children.
  22. The client remains responsible for the making and arranging of flower arrangements and specialized décor for the event. 
  23. Collection of personal taste items may not be done on a Sunday, unless explicit arrangements has been made with management and the duration of collection is kept to an absolute minimum duration of time.
  24. All external service providers attending the event will be counted as part of the final guest list and the host will be billed accordingly.  These include and are not limited to D.J. Photographer, Videographer, band etc.
  25. No food and/or beverages (including alcohol) purchased from another establishment may be consumed at our premises without Management consent being obtained.
  26. No food and/or beverages (including alcohol) provided by Fraaigelegen may be removed from the property.
  27. Refer to www.fraaigelegen.com for our full General Disclaimer and Provision of Food stuff and function